Our clinic is located in the heart of the Silver Bluff Area, between US-1 and Coral Way (24th Street) and a short distance from Coconut Grove and Miracle Mile. The building is entirely surrounded by a variety of exquisite plants, brushes, and trees native to Florida. For the safety of our patients, our main entrance is located in the rear of the building, opposite to the busy 27th avenue intersection.

Our canine patients encounter comfortable wood floors instead of uninviting cold tile as they enter the clinic. The spacious waiting area allows our human guests to converse among themselves even if their canines and felines don’t get along. After you are greeted by one of our friendly staff members and are directed to an exam room, you may see a cat patiently atop an exam table, basking in the rays of sun shining in from the skylights in the high ceilings. Though the stall-like rooms and wooden beams give a sense of being in an equine stable, do not be alarmed, this is very much a small animal clinic.

Our dispensary is located at the rear of the clinic, past the exam rooms. Behind the dispensary are our radiology, surgery and ultrasound; for our patients who need more than a routine or yearly exam. Though we are not a boarding facility, we do have an observation and recovery room for those patients that may need to stay over a day or two.

Although, for their safety and the safety of our patients, we do not allow unauthorized persons in our surgery, radiology, and recovery rooms, we do welcome clients who request a tour of our clinic.